Samsung’s vision of AR glasses: mobile private cinema

Samsung AR Glasses concept
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Samsung has been playing around with AR glasses for a while now, but unfortunately for them consumers haven’t massively adopted the gadgets yet. That might change though if they realize what the company has in store for them. Recently WalkingCat leaked two concept video’s showing us Samsung’s vision of what life with AR glasses might look like. And I have to say it’s looking bright and dim.

Samsung cinema and sunglasses

In the first video it looks like Samsung’s glasses will be able to project a huge virtual screen in front of the wearer. The lucky man in the video uses it to play his games, watch movies and even to project his computer screen to write an email. Another thing the AR glasses are good for is to get a first person view of whatever your drone sees. Talk about immersion. And then they also function as bonafide sunglasses with what looks like a dimming feature.

3D AR models

The second video seems more serious and shows us a similar pair of Samsung AR Glasses. This time around the wearer uses them to view a 3D image of a house. The house can be rotated and with a single gesture it even gets big enough to simulate the wearer being inside it.

It all sounds pretty impressive, but of course we’re not there yet. At the moment we don’t have anything nearly as spectacular, but who knows. Samsung might surprise us at the next CES.

In the meantime we get to play with Samsung’s mini BB-8 style robot and get it do chores for us.

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