This Croatian hypercar will literally take your breath away

Rimac Nevera electric car
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The world is one hypercar richer and an impressive one at that. I’m talking about Rimac Nevera, the production model of Rimac’s C_Two electric hypercar. The stormy EV combines a stunning performance with innovative tech to put the whole EV-population to shame.

It seems the Croatian car company chose the right name for its C_Two production model. Revera is actually the name of a quick, unexpected, and mighty Mediterranean storm that ravages across Croatia’s open sea. And just like a wild storm, the EV unrelentingly demands its way forward.

Rimac Nevera EV hypercar

Rimac Nevera: four electric motors

Back when the C_Two prototype was revealed, Rimac provided the world with some specifications. It seems little has changed for the production version. The car still boasts an impressive 1,914 HP and 1696 lb-ft of torque. It’s outfitted with a 120 kWh battery and no less than four electric motors. Yes, that’s one motor for every wheel. Obviously four motors are rather draining for the battery and the result is a range of about 341 miles (550 km). But on the other hand, the motors should make for better handling. Fortunately the acceleration metrics are better with 0-62 mph in 1.97 seconds, 0-100 in 4.3 seconds and 0-186 mph in 11,6. And with a top speed of 256 mph (412 km/h), who’s going to complain?

Rimac Nevera electric car
Image: Rimac

With the original Concept_One back in 2013 Rimac showed the world that we don’t have to be worried about an electric future on the road. It could be just as stunning as we’re used to, just less polluting. Even other car companies were excited about the hyper car and Porsche and Hyundai were quick to invest in Rimac. That’s why their technology is used by other brands as well. In any case later this year 150 lucky people will be getting the keys to the Nevera and I imagine they’re in for quite a ride.

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Header image: Rimac

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