Relax your mind with this zen garden-inspired speaker

Zen garden speaker Momentum Studio x Guerrillas
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Although it might seem like you’re missing out on something if you’re not constantly checking your feeds, we all need some peace and quiet every now and then. It’s healthy and even necessary to maintain a fresh mind and radiant physique. Music can be a great way to relax or even better: music coming from a zen garden speaker.

Designed for tranquility

To make unwinding even more relaxing Momentum Studio teamed up with Guerrillas to create a very zen looking speaker. The design mimics the repetitive patterns you’d find in the sand of a zen garden and boasts a minimalist esteathic. It seems everything about the zen garden speaker adds to the overall sense of serenity. From the light colours to the pebble on top of the device. That’s not just for show by the way, as the rock also functions as the volume control. And to make things ever more tranquil the thing emits calming lights underneath the rock and the speaker itself. Responding to the output sound, the embedded sensors and lights create a ripple-like atmosphere.

Zen garden speaker Momentum Studio x Guerrillas
Image: Momentum Studio x Guerrillas

“We wanted to create a product that helps modern people suffering from frequent stress use their leisure time to restore their emotional stability. We focused on creating an object that can contain the visual and audible healing power provided by nature with elements such as music and lighting. In addition, in order to create a harmonious atmosphere by melting the objects with the space beyond the aesthetic elements of the product itself, it was necessary to remove the strong form, material, and color.”

The zen garden speaker was part of last year’s DDP Design Fair. The Korean design competition is focused on the urban manufacturing industry and aims to discover new designers and small business owners across Seoul.

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Source: DDP Design Fair
Header image: Momentum Studio x Guerrillas

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