This e-bike actually recognizes your face

Rayvolt X One ebike
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When it comes to e-bikes we’ve seen a lot of progress over the years. But if there’s one electric bike that really pulls out all the stops, it’s without question the Rayvolt X One. It pretty much has every feature you could think, except maybe being able to fly off with it. Let’s check out the stylish and futuristic looking X One.

E-bike with facial recognition

One of the most striking features the e-bike has is probably its facial recognition capability. That’s right, when the bike is sure it’s really you it automatically unlocks. So you don’t have to worry about losing your key or someone taking off with it. There’s more you can do with your face though. The bike also has a feature that lets you use head gestures to activate the turn signals (yes it has turn signals). Just look at the dashboard and tilt your head left or right. But if you’re not too sure about that one, you can also use your hands to get the job done.

Rayvolt X One ebike
X One smart lighting features / Image: Rayvolt

Smart lighting and torque control

Speaking of lights, the Rayvolt X One also has some sleekness when it comes to the headlamp and taillamp. The bike monitors how dark it is around you to automatically activate the lamps and even adjust the intensity. Another thing that’s automatically adjusted is the motor torque. So whether you’re going cycling uphill or racing down to your doom, the torque is taken care of.

Rayvolt X One electric bike
Integrated Android computer / Image: Rayvolt

Rayvolt X One voice control

As you’d expect there’s an accompanying app, but this time it’s integrated in the bike’s Android-powered computer. That’s where you have to show your face to unlock the bike, but you can also play around with the dashboard. Access the different features buy touching the display or just use your voice Alexa-style.

Rayvolt X One electric bike
X One e-bike / Image: Rayvolt

Removable battery

Then last but not least there’s the looks. We don’t have to tell you that this bike looks absolutely stunning with its sleek frame and hidden away battery. And though out of site you can easily access the battery to take it inside for a charging session. Of course you could also feed it power while it’s still in the e-bike. And if you were wondering about the range, a full charge should get you 75 kilometers away from whatever disaster you caused.

Another interesting e-bike is the Van Moof Hyperbike. No it doesn’t have all the features X One does, but on the other hand it does let you ride at 50 km/h.

Header image: Rayvolt

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