This stylish AI is more than willing to get you back in shape

Raeda AI personal trainer
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As gyms aren’t really an option nowadays a lot of people have started working out at home. It definitely comes with some advantages, but it can be hard to keep an eye on your technique and form when you’re all by yourself. Luckily there’s a solution and it’s called Raeda. This stylish looking orb could just be the personal trainer you needed all along.

AI personal trainer

Raeda is designed to help you out at home while you’re doing your workouts. The orb is outfitted with a 12MP camera and a 1MP depth sensor to create a 3D map of you while you’re doing your lunges. The device acts as a personal trainer to help you avoid incorrect posture, causing possible injuries.

Raeda AI personal trainer / Image: Blake Parkinson and DCA

So how does it work? When you’re ready to get pumping, connect the device to your smart TV and position it somewhere in front of you. The stylish orb then sends a live feed of your lovely body to your TV, creating a mirror effect. Artificial intelligence then uses the 3D map to track your body in real-time and give you feedback about your posture and technique. It’s a huge step up from just following YouTube video’s or other remote trainers, that can usually only show you what you’re supposed to do but can’t guide you as you’re working out.

Raeda AI personal trainer
Raeda AI personal trainer / Image: Blake Parkinson and DCA

Privacy concerns

Obviously you don’t want the AI to keep tracking you after you’re finished getting ripped. For peace of mind you can physically stop that from happening by placing the camera lens in the accompanying base. So even if the camera might still be on, it won’t be recording anything. When you’re ready for another workout, just roll the orb back to its “all seeing eye” position.

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Header image: Raeda AI personal trainer / Image: Blake Parkinson and DCA


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