These smart gloves and socks are exactly as hot as you need them to be

Quanta Vici smart heated socks and gloves
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Although winter has a lot of good things to offer, like glühwein and Instagram worthy snow snaps, it also comes with a few nasty bits. Think slippery roads, getting snowed in and freezing extremities. Luckily the latter can be fixed quite easily with sturdy socks and gloves. And we don’t mean the normal kind. Quanta Vici’s smart heated gloves and socks give you exact control over how warm you want to be.

Smart heated gloves and socks

The socks and gloves in question are outfitted with several sensors to check how cold your hands and feet are. Obviously too cold, but that can easily be fixed through the accompanying app. Once you set your preferred temperature, the accessories start heating up and distribute the heat evenly to get you feeling all warm and cozy. The built-in memory system remembers what you like, so next time you wear the smart heated socks or gloves they should be exactly warm enough. That is if your preferred temperature isn’t above 130 °F (50 °C). That’s the maximum temperature the gloves and socks are willing to take you.

Quanta Vici smart heated gloves
Image: Quanta Vici

Waterproof & anti-theft

All that heat might get you sweaty, but that’s not a problem. The Quanta Vici apparel comes with an IP67 rating, which means it’s waterproof and according to the company you should be able to throw it in the washing machine. Battery wise you’re looking at about 6,5 hours of warmth after which you have to recharge with the USB-C cable.

Now unfortunately gloves seem to have the same curse as your keys and earbuds: they tend to mysteriously disappear. The company is well aware, and that’s why there’s an anti lost/theft feature. That means you’ll get a notification when you leave the wearables behind or if someone tries to make a run for it with your favorite new gloves. Another thing worth mentioning is that Quanta Vici provides free software updates with new features and performance upgrades.

Quanta Vici smart heated socks and gloves
Image: Quanta Vici

Fashionable wearables

Of course heated socks and gloves aren’t anything new, but as we’ve seen Quanta Vici packed them with a few noteworthy features. They also look a lot more fashionable than other warming wearables. The company enlisted the help of designers who worked with the likes of Adidas and Ralph Lauren to create something you’d actually want to be seen with. That also resulted in a thin material that breathes and is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

They ain’t cheap

You might have guessed that the gloves and socks aren’t in the same price category as your usual H&M or Primark apparel. The smart heated gloves come with a price tag of 269 USD (now on sale for 199 USD) and you’ll have to dish out 200 USD (now on sale for 189 USD) for the socks. There’s also a combination price of 449 USD (now temporarily 349 USD) if you want both the socks and the gloves.

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