Say goodbye to bulky earbuds with these audio earrings

Nova Audio earrings earphones
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For many people music is an integral part of life, so it’s no wonder we collectively seem to be walking around with earphones. But earbuds aren’t exactly known for their sleekness, not the mention the fact that they keep falling out. Enter the Nova Audio earrings: stylish clip-on earphones that (you guessed it) look like ear jewelry.

Smallest clip-on earphones

According to Nova the earrings are the smallest clip-on earphones on the planet. They’re outfitted with freshwater pearls that contain the latest tech for your audio pleasure. Each earring weighs about 6 grams, so it shouldn’t ‘be too much of a strain on your lobes. And because they’re clip-ons you don’t have to get your ears pierced. Nova explains that the earphones were developed to match a woman’s taste. With that in mind they strayed away from stereotypical pink versions and went for gold or silver plated clips.

Nova audio earrings earbuds
Image: Nova

Directional audio

As for the specs, the audio earrings support Bluetooth 5 to connect to your Android or iOS device. From there you can get going with your favorite tunes, phone calls or even summon up your virtual assistant. Now you might be wondering if the whole world will also be enjoying your music. According to the company Nova’s patented directional sound will keep your audio private, while enabling you to still hear your surroundings. Then there’s the matter of the battery. As the earphones are rather small, we obviously won’t find a huge battery inside. Nova tells us the battery should be good for about 3 hours of playtime. And if after some time (hopefully a fair amount of time) the battery irremediably dies, they promise to exchange it for a new one.

Nova Audio Earrings
Image: Nova

On Kickstarter soon

Unfortunately we’re not sure how much you’ll have to dish out for the earrings, as they’re not available yet. Nova is planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign soon though and the earbuds should be available in their online store by the end of March 2021.

So in the meantime we’ll have to make due with our normal earphones. But luckily enough we don’t have to settle for them falling out all the time. These handy earrings will keep those unruly buds in place.

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