Nail it every time with this nailpolish robot

Nimble nailpolish robot
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If you do your nails yourself, then you know it can be quite a hassle. And even if you do manage to get that polish on there perfectly, there’s still the danger of random objects coming out of nowhere to mess up your masterpiece. For everyone who wants perfect nails but has had it with the torture, there’s a device that takes care of everything. Let’s take a look at Nimble.

Scan, paint, and dry

Nimble is a compact little robot that promises perfect nails every time. To get started you select your preferred nailpolish and insert three capsules for the base, color, and top coat. Then it’s time for Nimble to spring into action. The device uses high-resolution micro-cameras and 3D image processing to scan the size, shape and curvature of each nail. A tiny robotic arm then paints every nail, while a warm airflow system simultaneously dries them. Every nail gets a base, two coats of color and a top coat. The whole process should take about 10 minutes, but Nible’s creators say they’re working on cutting the application time in half. They also plan on adding some new features, like nail art.

Nimble nails device
Image: Nimble

You could use the nailpolish robot on its own, but there’s also an app to get busy with. You can use it to follow the painting process while you sit back and relax. The app also allows users to find and order new colors, discover new features, chat with customer support, monitor manicure stats and share the fabulous results on social.

Nimble nailpolish robot
Image: Nimble

Pledge for you nailpolish robot

Nimble is a Kickstarter project with more than a million dollars of funding. It seems people really want the device to become a reality and we get why. The project has 7 more days to go in which you get a discount on the retail price. You can still get the early bird price of 249 USD instead of 399 USD. But as usual we do recommend being careful with crowdfunding projects. as it can go very wrong sometimes.

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