This AI tool turns your doodles into custom furniture

Naya Studio AI tool furniture
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Have you ever had an idea for a piece of furniture that you just couldn’t find in the shops? And after wallowing in frustration decided to start sketching yourself, but with no way of bringing your doodles to life? Well we’ve got good news for you. With Naya Studio you can finally unleash your creativity and get the unique furniture you deserve.

Empower creativity

Naya Studio is a young Boston-based startup founded by Harvard graduates. The platform uses artificial intelligence to help you bring your designs to the real world without too much of a hassle. Naya cofounder Saad Rajan explains that the driving force behind the endeavor is to empower others to be more creative. The team imaged an architect designing pieces of furniture for his own space or even a college graduate creating pieces for her new apartment.

Naya Studio Ardete Timber Rhyme
Image: Studio Ardete

From doodle to custom furniture

So how does it work? The process is fairly straightforward. First you let the AI know what you want to create. You can do this by uploading your doodles, but it’s also possible to describe your creation with words, choose Google and Pinterest images, and even resort to mood boards. From there the platform analyzes what you’re trying to make and gives you an estimate of the cost. To help you on your way you’re also connected with designers, architects and engineers. And when you’re ready to actually start the production process the platform matches you with professional manufacturers.

Naya Studio
Image: Naya Studio


Now of course this doesn’t all happen for free and Naya’s design fee starts at 100 USD. Depending on the complexity of your doodles the price may go up, but the whole thing does seem to be cheaper and more accessible than approaching an architect yourself. At the moment more than 130 designers and manufacturers have joined the Naya platform. All of them are ensured to meet Naya’s standards, so you’re not worse off than getting busy with a saw and hammer yourself.

When you finally have your brand new custom piece of furniture at home, the rest of the room should of course follow suit. The Sauberair FLAT might fit in as it’s a customizable painting of whatever you want it to be. And as an extra bonus the device is also an air purifier in disguise.

Source: Fast Company

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