This unassuming board is actually the master of your smart devices

Mui board smart home interface
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As the internet of things is slowly but steadily taking over our homes, we see a growing demand for devices that blend in with the rest of our interior. Because although most smart devices are quite stylish, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. If you want something that feels more natural, the tech startup Mui Lab might just have the thing. Its Mui board smart home interface adds a bit of nature to your increasingly sci-fi looking house.

Mui board

Mui board is a beautiful blend of nature and technology. It’s basically a wooden board that serves as a smart home control hub. The company purposefully chose a natural feeling material to give users a break from touching the cold and robotic surfaces they’re used to with other devices. Inspired by the Toaism philosophy of “mui shizen”, the board’s purpose is to increase “harmony among humans, the nature surrounding us and the technology that we have developed”.

Mui board smart home interface
Wooden board as smart home interface / Image: Mui Lab

Smart hub and interface

So what can you actually do with the wooden board? First off you can use voice commands to control your smart devices. The Mui platform is compatible with the new Matter smart home platform, but you can also connect your Alexa speakers. There’s more though. The smart board is outfitted with a touch panel to do your bidding from and to display dot-matrix style text and monochromatic icons.

We hope to see more products like this that take the user’s environment into consideration. Another great smart home controller is Sound Mirror. It looks like a mirror, acts like a smart speaker, and delivers quality audio.

Header image: Mui Lab

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