Movano’s sleek smart ring gives you more than just stats

Movano smart ring
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We all know smart watches that track things like your heart rate, steps and sleep cycle. Less known are smart rings that do pretty much the same. We have a feeling though that Movano just unveiled a game changer with its stylish new smart ring. The gadget doesn’t just give you a bunch of stats, but actually helps with interpreting them.

Movano smart ring

The Movano ring is a fashionable looking wearable that’s aimed at women. You can use the smart ring to measure your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen, steps, sleep and calories. That’s a pretty long list and the company is planning on including even more functionality. Movano also wants to monitor your blood pressure and blood glucose at some point. That last one will probably be especially tricky if you want to get it done without any finger prick tests.

Movano smart ring
Smart ring in different colors / Image: Movano

Understanding your data

But even without blood pressure and glucose the smart ring has a lot going for it. As opposed to a lot of other wearables it gives you valuable insights into your data. It also helps you make connections between cause and effect. So if you’ve had a good night’s sleep the accompanying app might point out the possible reason why. With this information you get a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and can start making some positive changes.

Movano smart ring app
smart ring statistics / Image: Movano

Price and availability

Movano hasn’t released any information about how much the ring will cost when it hits the stores. The company did tell CNET that it would be cheaper than the Oura 3, which sells for 299 USD. As for when the smart ring will make its appearance? We’d sure like to know. Hopefully it won’t be another piece of tech that bites the dust after an initial glorious CES debut.

Header image: Movano

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