Get rid of maskne with this one-of-the good-guys face mask

Morrama Masque face mask
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When we first had to start wearing a mask, the main concerns were comfort and breathability. But after a while of wearing them, a new evil emerged: maskne. People started getting outbreaks around the area that the mask covers. What to do? Wear another mask! But this time the soothing Masque by Morroma.

Face mask with heat and blue light

Morrona’s face mask is especially designed to take care of maskne. It treats exactly those breakout areas that leave you feeling tarnished and debeautified. To stop maskne in its tracks and keep your skin looking clear and healthy, the device applies heat and uses a blue light treatment. This by itself should do the trick, but the company recommends combining the treatment with a salicylic acid serum for a more efficient attack. The serum is great for oily skin and targets impurities, enlarged pores and blackheads.

Morrama Masque face mask
Image: Morrama

Adjustable nose-piece

The face mask is designed with an adjustable nose-piece to fit a wider range of face sizes. Usually beauty masks are a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, which isn’t ideal for everyone. To make the device even more flexible in use, the company chose not to go for a neckstrap. That means you could use it with a towel on your head or with your luscious hair down. Instead of hugging your neck, the mask clings to your ears.

So unfortunately Morrama’s mask doesn’t seem to be purchasable as of yet. Hopefully that will change soon. Another mask you could buy that uses light therapy is the one by Priori. It wasn’t designed to specifically treat maskne, but it does use blue light and should make your wrinkles fade away.

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