Can’t touch this: Moen’s latest smart faucet is pretty hands off

Moen smart faucet
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Moen is known for its smart faucets that let you put your voice assistant to work. During CES 2022 the Ohio based company revealed a new addition to its line-up. This new faucet is for when your virtual assistant is in a mood and just won’t comply. Now you get to use gestures to control just about everything concerning your water needs.

Faucet with motion control

The new feature comes in handy (pun intended) when you’re not on speaking terms with Alexa or don’t want to disturb anyone in the middle of the night. Using gestures, the faucet lets you control the temperature as well as the flow of the water. Use swipe and push motions to get cold, warm or extra hot water.

How cold or hot you ask? Of course everyone’s preferences are different and that’s why there’s an accompanying app to let the faucet know what the default temperatures should be. You can also use the app to customize the gestures further and make them as convenient as possible.

Moen smart faucet
Minimalist smart faucet / Image: Moen

Ask for precise amounts

As mentioned you can also use your voice to turn on the smart faucet, but you can do a lot more than simply switch it on and off. You can also ask for precise amounts of water at a certain temperature. So if you might want exactly 300 ml of 20 °C water to start boiling your potatoes, just ask and it is given.

Available in April 2022

Of course not everyone might be into using their voice or gestures to get some water and that’s why you can still opt for a traditional handle. That might be useful for when the internet is down, you never know. If you want to go for it the faucet will be available in April 2022 with a starting price of 675 USD.

Once you try a smart faucet, you’ll probably never want to go back to touching (possibly dirty) handles. If you want to continue the touchless water trend throughout your house, Kohler actually has a smart bathtub that not only gives you water, but also lets you play around with scents, lights and bubbles.

Header image: Moen


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