Enter the Metaverse, as a creator that is. Check out these new Metaverse jobs

Metaverse jobs
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I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about the Metaverse lately as it seems to be the new hot thing. We’ve seen big Luxury brands dive into it and millions being spent on virtual real estate. But the Metaverse isn’t just about living the virtual life. A big part of it is made out of the people behind it. If you want to enter the verse, but as a creator, we’ve found a few exciting new Metaverse jobs.

Design those NFT’s

First up is a job at MetaHoldings as NFT artist. The company is looking for someone to conceptualize, create, and launch new NFT projects. Obviously they have some requirements, such as an understanding of crypto art and a passion for digital storytelling. They also want you to have at least six months of experience designing NFT’s. Unfortunately the job description doesn’t really elaborate on what kind of NFT’s you’d be creating. Let’s hope it’s something glamorous.

Metaverse virtual reality

Virtual worlds also need products

NFT marketplace Rarible is also looking for a designer, but this time you’ll be creating fabulous UI and UX interfaces. The company describes itself as the largest decentralized, creator-centric NFT marketplace for multimedia content. That includes digital art, collectibles, music, video’s and more. If you’re curious, inventive, and work to learn and grow every day, then they’re definitely looking for you.

Artists can be technical

Now this job is actually at Meta itself, you know the company formerly known as Facebook that lit the whole Metaverse spark. What they want is a technical artist to join their Messenger AR team. You’d be responsible for growing the augmented reality portfolio, playing around with AR filters, 360 immersive backgrounds and social AR experiences. They promise to let you experience every aspect of the content development process, from coming up with concepts to designing new features and capabilities.

There are definitely some exciting things happening with this whole Metaverse business. This March we can even enjoy the very first Metaverse Fashion Week. Let’s just take care not to end up in some kind of Matrix nightmare.

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