Turn your Echo Dot into a mini Mandalorian

Mandelorian Echo Dot holder
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When The Mandalorian launched back in 2019 it immediately garnered a huge fan base, even outside the Star Wars galaxy. Lately there has been some controversy surrounding Cara Dune actress Gina Carano, but that hasn’t lessened the popularity of the Disney show. If you’re a fan and have an Echo Dot speaker, we have good news. You can now make Alexa look like your private little Mandalorian.

4th gen Echo Dot Mandalorian

Etsy shop Slic3DArt has a special holder for Amazon’s 4th generation Echo Dot. Place the smart speaker inside and it becomes the head of the beloved and mysterious Mandalorian. The holder is made out of PLA plastic and doesn’t really do much more than transform Alexa into an pop culture eye catcher.

Mandelorian stand Echo Dot Amazon
Image: Slic3DArt on Etsy

No added effects

It doesn’t do anything bad either. The Mandalorian stand doesn’t add to or change the sound or function of the Echo Dot. It does however hide the light bar on the bottom of the speaker. So if you really need those lights, the holder might not be for you. But then again, it’s The Mandalorian! The stand comes with a price tag of 28.99 USD plus shipping.

The Etsy shop has other holders for Star Wars fans as well. Yould could go for a Tie Fighter inspired design or shake things up with good old Darth Vader.

Next step is to launch the Samual L Jackson skill to have him speak for the Mandalorian. Or you could make things awkward by getting these Alexa beauty skills.

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