It wasn’t me… Change your face with this LED-mask

Lumen Couture face changing mask
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If you sometimes wish you were someone else, it’s totally understandable. We probably all feel that way one time or another, but the key is to own your life and be happy about who you are. Though if you’re dead set on trying on a new face, Lumen Couture has a fun way to do it. They have this one LED-mask that changes your face to anyone and anything you want.

Lumen Couture face swap

The mask uses the same LED panels from Lumen Couture’s Matrix line of clothing. Each mask contains over 2,000 individual LEDs to create your desired face. There’s obviously an app involved to choose which design you want to become. You could go for different presets and add your text and equalizer effects. It’s also possible to upload your own images and go totally wild. Different equalizer effects respond to sound and music, which creates a interactive effect that keeps things dynamic.

When you first see the mask it kind of seems like the wearer can’t really see anything. But rest assured, the mask has two eye sockets to see through. It also has an ergonomic design so you should be able to comfortably wear it for some time.

The face changing mask is normally available through the Lumen Couture website for 150 USD. At the moment there’s a limited time promotion though and you can snatch it up for 90 USD. The illuminating company also has an Etsy shop, where they sell the mask for the 90 USD sale price.

If covering your entire face is a bit too much for you, Lumen Couture also has another LED-mask to play around with. It covers only the mouth/nose area and you can make it say whatever you want.

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Header image: Lumen Couture

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