Louis Vuitton celebrates 200th birthday with NFT art video game

Louis The Game Louis Vuitton
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Once upon a time there was a 14 year old boy from the Jura region of France. The boy set off on an adventure one day, alone and on foot, and ended up in Paris. After a quest of 292 miles and 2 years the Louis Vuitton brand was born and now it’s time to celebrate. In honor of its founder’s 200th birthday, Vuitton has launched an inspiring NFT art video game. Let’s take a look at Louis The Game.

Monogrammed journey

The game is a celebration of young Louis’ journey to creating one of the most established fashion brands. Players embark on their own quest as Vivienne and must succeed in reaching the birthday celebration. The journey is colorful and filled with well designed worlds and even some NFT art by digital artist Beeple. Along the way players must collect 200 monogram candles that unlock different background stories about Louis’ travels, family and the brand.

Louis The Game
Image: Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Louis The Game
Image: Louis Vuitton

If you’re not a fan of playing all by yourself, no worries. Louis The Game is designed to play with friends or rather against them. Those friends can be seen on a global leaderboard, so you know exactly who’s the better Louis Vuitton adventurer.

Louis Vuitton game
Image: Louis Vuitton

Louis The Game on iOS and Android

The Louis game is available on iOS as well as Android. Device recommendations are 3GB RAM and 3GB of available storage. If you’re an Apple user you’ll need iOS 12 or later and an iPhone X or later. Androiders need at least Android 9 on their device.

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Header image: Louis Vuitton

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