L’Oreal’s Colorsonic promises no fuss hair dyeing at home

L'Oreal Colorsonic hair device
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If you’ve ever tried coloring your hair at home, you know it can be a big mess with stains on very unforeseen places. But going to a salon is usually quite pricey, that is if the salons are even open nowadays. L’Oreal is here to save the day though and unveiled a promising new gadget for its CES 2022 line-up. Let’s have a look at Colorsonic.

L’Oreal Colorsonic

Colorsonic is a lightweight device that promises to deliver consistent hair color results from the comfort of your home. It uses a custom mixer mechanism that combines a precise amount of formula and developer to create your desired hair color. Once the mixture is ready an oscillating nozzle with zigzagging bristles applies the right amount of hair color to your hair and all you basically have to do is use the thing as a hairbrush.

L’Oreal Colorsonic / Image: L’Oreal

On-demand color mixing

To get started you obviously first have to know what color you want. You get the choose from 40 shades of ammonia-free hair colors right on the device. After that it’s time to load the color cartridge into Colorsonic and the on-demand mixing process begins. While the gadget is off the color and developer are kept separate in order to keep things fresh.

Next it’s time to brush the device from the roots to the ends of your hair, while the nozzle moves over 300 times per minute for an even application. After that the only thing you have to do is wait 30 minutes, rinse and style. If there’s still some color left in the cartridge, you can store it and use it for touch ups. Remember that if you have dark hair, you still have to bleach it first. The device only handles the coloring process.

Last year Panasonic stole the show at CES with another interesting hair gadget. It’s Nanoe hair dryer not only dries your hair, but hydrates it at the same time.

Header image: L’Oreal

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