What you still need in your kitchen? A hidden induction cooktop of course

Lapitec Chef induction cooker
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When it comes to kitchens, companies often seem to want to pump technology in there just for the sake of it. Is it really necessary to tweet from your fridge? Debatable. Luckily some innovations are actually useful. Defence exhibit A: this hidden induction cooktop, courtesy of the Italian company Lapitec.

Lapitec Chef

The system has been coined Lapitec chef and is a solution for kitchens that lack adequate counter space. At first glance the whole thing looks like an ordinary, albeit very stylish, stone kitchen counter. If you look more closely though, you’ll notice some unassuming controls waiting to be activated. No worries, you won’t accidentally activate them and start heating up things.

Lapitec Chef induction cooktop
Image: Lapitec Chef
Lapitec Chef pots cooking on induction
Image: lapitec

Hidden induction coil

The key to Lapitec Chef is the accompanying silicone mat. Without it the whole thing doesn’t work and the countertop is just a countertop. Enter mister mat and the induction unit awakes from its slumber. The mat is equipped with a hidden coil and magnetic sensors and is compatible with all induction cookware. Pretty impressive, but there’s more. After you’re finished cooking, just throw the mat in the dishwasher and you’re ready for whatever else you were planning to do on the countertop.

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Header image: Lapitec

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