This $999 app gets you the VIP treatment

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As we know there is a huge amount of apps to be found in Google’s and Apple’s app stores. Some are free, some cost a few dollars, and then there are some that are outrageously expensive. iVIP Black is one of the latter and will cost you a staggering $999. Why? They promise to turn you into a VIP.

iVIP BLACK: the millionaire’s app

iVIP Black is one of the most expensive apps out there. The company behind it, iVIP, promotes it as “The Millionaire’s App” and its goal is to indeed give members the millionaire’s experience so to speak. No you won’t get a million dollar villa with a fancy car and a six figure income. What the app does provide are special offers and gifts that make life a bit more luxurious.

iVIP BLACK app in App Store Apple
Image: iVIP/Apple

Concierge & exclusive events

What does that mean exactly? The company has partnered up with different companies that offer members exclusive benefits.

“iVIP offers its members exclusive, unavailable-elsewhere offers and VIP treatment (complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packs, and more) with our hand-picked range of partners.

iVIP membership also provides a lifestyle management service (through our on-demand concierge) and several exclusive member-only services.”

So members receive things like complimentary room upgrades at certain hotels, priority bookings at premium restaurants and access to unique events. I should note that the description in the App Store says “These services come at additional cost”. However it’s unclear which services they mean exactly and what you get for “free”. On the other hand there’s a iVIP RED app for those wanting to test the waters first. It’s a free app that lets you preview and sometimes sample the services of iVIP BLACK members. If you do want the full experience though, it might be worth checking out the Android app. For some reason the Android version costs 384.99 USD, while the one for your iPhone is 999 USD.

Image: iVIP

But then again luxury can also be found in smaller things that don’t cost you a fortune. Think automatically warmed towels when you come out from under the shower, earbuds that drown out annoying people around you, or a phone case that carries along its own ring light.

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