5 innovative planters that add to your interior design

Aqua aquaponics planter
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Lately a lot of people have picked up gardening to try and eat healthy, do their part for sustainability or just to have something to do. The problem with gardening however is that you need a garden, Or not! These days there are a lot of indoor options. Check out these five innovative planters that actually look good in your home.

Coffee table with a secret

To make urban gardening more feasible designers Mikołaj Nicer, Jakub Maciejczyk, and Grzegorz Szczupał have created a conceptual home gardening system hidden in a small coffee table. At first glance it looks like a somewhat futuristic table. But then you can start sliding to reveal a miniature garden. The system maintains the perfect climate for your plants including temperature control and the necessary nutrients. And yes of course there’s an app.

Sole coffee table indoor garden
Designers: Mikołaj Nicer, Jakub Maciejczyk, Grzegorz Szczupał

Natural air purifier

While plants are great to cook with, they also have air purifying properties. And that’s exactly why they’re used in the Respira air purifier. The device features 13 plants known for their purifying abilities plus an added air filtration system to keep you breathing pure freshness. If you’re not that great at keeping your plants alive, no worries. Respira also has a hydroponic system that automatically takes care of things like water and light. All you have to do is fill the water reservoir every 10 to 14 days.

Respira virtual garden
Image: New Earth Solutions Inc

Hands free gardening

The Grobo Premium really takes low effort gardening to the next level. The device also uses hydroponics to take care of your plants all by itself. You basically have to do the initial seed planting and then make sure the water doesn’t run out. But that won’t be too often, as the planter has an eleven liter tank. Two fans take care of the air and eight LED-lights provide “sunlight”.

Grobo Premium hydroponic planter
Image: Grobo

Fish and plants

This next planter by Inshovid adds fish to the mix to create a stylish aquaponics set. The fish in the tank take care of nutrients for the plants, while the plants filter the water for the fish. Perfect harmony.

Aqua aquaponics planter
Image: Inshovid

Indoor garden table

Last on the list is The Oasis by designer Pei-Ju Wu. It’s a beautiful multifunctional side table that combines a modern design with nature. The planter at the base of the table accommodates your plants while LED-lights keep them illuminated and serve as mood lights.

The Oasis table planter by Pei-Ju Wu
Image: Pei-Ju Wu

So you see there are multiple ways to get gardening inside. But don’t forget to take a stroll outside every now and then (if you can). If you encounter any luscious plants you don’t know, you can quickly identify them right in Snapchat.

Header image by Inshovid

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