Get back that full head of hair with this illuminating headband

HairMax Laserband 41 hair loss
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A lot of people view their hair as being part of their identity. And that makes it a pretty big deal when it starts thinning. If you’re looking to get those full luscious locks back from the days of yore, the HairMax Laserband 41 might just be the solution.

Lasers for you hair

The HairMax Laserband 41 is a hairband outfitted with 41 lasers. Why you ask? According to several clinical studies and published medical journals lasers seem to be effective in treating hair loss. The headband uses the process of photobiostimulation, which means that low level laser therapy (LLLT) is delivered to the hair follicles. This can help promote hair growth in a few different ways.

HairMax Laserband 41 hair loss
Image: HairMax

First of all LLLT increases the production of adenosine thiphosphate (ATP), which gives your hair follicles an energy boost. The therapy also stimulates blood circulation, which means more vitamins, nutrients and oxygen for your follicles. And that’s usually a very good thing. Something else that happens when using the hairband is the stimulation of cell proliferation at the base of the follicles. That sounds like a good thing and indeed it is. It means your follicles are able to enter the growth phase so they can produce new cells for fresh new hair. Another thing the HairMax does for you is help reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. And as you might know inflammation is one of the things that causes hair loss.

Adjustable design

To make the treatment more effective the hairband is outfitted with patented soft touch “teeth” to part your hair and expose the follicles to the lasers. And if you might be worried about your head being to big or small, the thing also has a flexible design to fit most head sizes.

To reap the benefits of the device it’s recommended to use it three times a week for about three minutes. That sounds doable even if you have a busy schedule. The hair growing headband can be purchased on the official HairMax website for 549 USD. You could also opt to pay for it in several installments starting at 51 USD per month.

Apart from your locks it’s also important to take care of your skin. If you like using beauty masks this smart device is a must-have. It’s designed to make your facial treatments a lot more effective.

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