Gucci drops SUPERLASTIC SUPERGUCCI NFTs and people are mad

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Everyone seems to be dropping NFTs left and right and lately a lot of luxury companies have joined the fun. Gucci is one of them and is venturing further into the metaverse with SUPERPLASTIC, dropping a ultra-limited collection of NFTs: SUPERGUCCI. But it seems the drop earlier today upset a lot of willing buyers and some people are even calling it a scam.

Gucci x SUPERPLASTIC NFT collection

The two companies have a three part series of non fungibles planned that are accompanied by a handcrafted porcelain sculpture to give a more physical feel to the whole thing. SUPERPLASTIC’s synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon are responsible for the brand new tokens. combining their digital style with Gucci’s historic codes.


SUPERGUCCI drop gone wrong

In the first release, which happens to be today, the famous SuperJanky figure explores ten different whimsical environments inspired by Gucci Aria. The NFTs were (supposed to be) available at SUPERPLASTIC or the GUCCI Vault. If you’re not familiar with the Vault, it’s Gucci’s new experimental online space for “objects that defy the confines of time and space through the power of imagination”.

SuperJanky in whimsical scenario’s / Image: Gucci, SUPERPLASTIC

So far so good, but it seems something went wrong with the drop and people are not happy to say the least. Some even calling the whole thing corrupt.

For early access buyers had to already own a SUPERPLASTIC NFT. However it seems that most of the frontrunner wallets didn’t meet this requirement.

Then there’s the fact that fans who were eager to get their hands on some SUPERGUCCI goodness, couldn’t get into the secret store that was password protected with no explanation of how to get hold of the password.

One person actually claims to have SUPERPLASTIC NFTs but still couldn’t get his hands on the password.

Overall people feel scammed and betrayed and are rethinking their fondness of SUPERPLASTIC. We hope it’s just a case of bad management and that things get cleared up. SUPERGUCCI has two more drops to go, which will hopefully leave people without the bitter taste in their mouths. Apart from all the mayhem we do really love the NFT’s. Just saying.

Header image: Gucci, SUPERPLASTIC

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