These artworks display the inner beauty of classic smartphones

Grid iPhone 5 artwork disassembled smartphones
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Where smartphones used to be clunky things, nowadays most of them sport a sleek exterior and have become a thing of beauty. But as we know it’s not all about the outside. And that’s not only true about us humans. Even smartphones can be alluring if you look further than their cold exterior. Indie artstudio GRID decided to celebrate this inner beauty by making artworks of their hidden charm.

Your parts are showing

The way smartphones are put together has a certain level of intricacy that definitely deserves some admiration. Even the older classics should not be forgotten and that’s why GRID decided to turn them into commemorative art pieces. The company takes these smartphones apart and frames the individual components in a way that’s quite pleasing to the eye. The art pieces are all handmade and come with a wooden frame. In GRID’s online shop you’ll find classics like the iPhone 4S and 5, the BlackBerry Bold 9000, and the Nokia E71. There’s even a lost iPod Touch that finally shares its secrets.

GRID BlackBerry Bold 9000 artwork
Image: GRID

Smartphones or art?

Although the pieces aren’t as expensive as the original smartphones, some might argue that the price is a bit high for a device that doesn’t work. On the other hand you’re not actually buying a smartphone here, but a piece of art that we’re sure a lot of tech-lovers would appreciate. And at the time of writing you can get the classics for a reduced price. The framed iPhone 5 can be yours for 139 USD instead of 169 USD or you could go for the iPhone 3GS for 169 USD, down from 199 USD. The iPhone 5 might especially be worthy of framing, as it’s the last smartphone to be overseen by Steve Jobs.

GRID Nokia E71 framed components
Image: GRID

Of course smartphones can also be celebrated while they actually still work. Last year HMD Global decided to give the Nokia 7.2 a stylish makeover in honor of the new James Bond movie “No Time to Die”. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic the movie still hasn’t been released. It’s now scheduled to launch in April 2021.

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