Glamhive launches fresh TikTok style competition

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If you’re a fan of style and reality shows we’ve got some good news. Online styling company Glamhive (yes we love the name) is launching a style competition on TikTok. So let’s take a look at the up and coming Step & Repeat.

Style challenge and mentorship program

The show is described by Glamhive as “a five week style challenge & mentorship program where stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists experience the fast-paced world of TikTok fashion and entrepreneurial success”. Apart from that not a whole lot has been reveiled about Step & Repeat. What we do know is that participants will compete in three categories: wardrobe, makeup, and hair. So we’re thinking Queer Eye meets Glow Up meets BBC’s Hair? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you feel challenged, the competition is still open to new competitors. Sign up on You might want to hurry, because the show starts on June 21st. It will run for 5 weeks, meaning 5 challenges and 15 weekly prizes of a thousand dollars cash and a 1 hour “Power Hour”with the winner’s mentor of choice.

Host and judges

Speaking of the mentors, we’ll be seeing some important creatives sharing their wisdom. Think celebrity stylists Tara Swennen, Jennifer Rade, Janelle Miller and Sonia Young. To complete the list Glamhive enlisted Alexis Bennett, Brian Underwood, Kesha McCleod, Meg Chapman & Jordan LaValle, Quinten Thrash, Sheridan Ward, Carrie Colbert, Quinn Murphy, Steven Dann, Tara Dann and Laura Rugetti. As for the judges, get ready for Nicole Chavez, Claire Sulmers and Andrew Fitzsimons with Johnny Wujek as the host of the show.

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