These free quarantine workouts will keep you fit and fab

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During this period of self-isolation a lot of us have become best buds with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. Great for catching up on all the new shows, but less so for that much coveted summer body. Good thing you don’t actually have to go to the gym to take care of those flabby arms and abs. Just check out these free workouts to stay fit and fab.

Holly Dolke’s 30 Day Challenge

You might know the charming Holly Dolke from her easy to follow (yet very effective) workouts on YouTube. Now adapting to the new way of life, she’s created a 30 Day Challenge – Quarantine Edition. That means thirty days of toning those muscles, as you occasionally wonder why you’re doing this to yourself again?. But don’t let that thought distract you as you work your way from HIIT fat burning and standing abs exercises to yoga and some much needed meditation.

Blogilates 14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan

Cassey Ho from Blogilates is another YouTuber who took pity on our poor souls and decided to put together a quarantine routine. You’ll find an impressively long list of Pilates exercises on with links to the video’s to keep you motivated. Beware though, the moves are a lot more exhausting than they look.


Now of course you don’t need a special quarantine program to stay fit at home. There are a lot of online resources that offer free workouts all year round. One of those resources is ClassPass. Just create an account to get access to more than 2.000 video and audio workouts. The exercises vary in difficulty and range from strength training classes to HIIT and yoga.

ClassPass app workouts
Source: ClassPass

Rumble Boxing

Although we can’t physically get sweating anymore in Rumble’s studio’s, that’s no excuse to skip your weekly dose of jabbing. As it happens the boxing studio also exists on Instagram. There you’ll find a workout schedule at the beginning of every week to continue your endeavors on Instagram Live. And if you prefer some more personal attention, it’s even possible to book a virtual training session with the Rumble Tribe.

Rumble boxing
Source: Rumble on Instagram

Bonus: workouts with Chris Hemsworth

Every now and then you might find yourself unmotivated and unable to get off that couch. Whenever that happens check out the website This digital health and fitness program is curated by none other than Chris Hemsworth (yes Thor!). Unfortunately you have to pay to work out with Chris and his team, though you can get 7 seven day sneak peak. After that it’ll cost 10+ dollars a month to keep your fantasies going.

centri Chris Hemsworth
Source: Centr

Let us know how your online workout journey goes. Stay safe and healthy!

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