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UNXD fashion week metaverse
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Eversince Mark Zuckerberg announced the switch from Facebook to Meta and with it his version of the Matrix-like world (though not nearly as realistic) metaverse, it seems that’s all anyone can talk about. So yes we’re going to talk about it too, because something exciting is about to happen in the virtual world. In March this year we get to witness the first ever metaverse fashion week.

Metaverse fashion week

Of course it was bound to happen because fashion has no boundaries and if there’s a new place to conquer, conquer it will. The very first fashion week in the metaverse is a collaboration between 3D-platform Decentraland and digital marketplace UNXD. You might know UNXD as the company that recently brought Dolce & Gabbana’s first NFT to life.

The two companies encourage all designers, brands and fashion lovers to participate and join a week full of fashion shows, pop-up shops, after parties and immersive experiences. The event is set to take place from March 24th until March 27th 2022. That’s just after the catwalk festivities in New York, London, Paris and Milano, which will probably also have a digital aspect to them.

UNXD digital fashion
Virtual fashion show / Image: UNXD

Booming digital fashion

In recent months we’ve seen quite a bit of fashion activity in the metaverse. Fashion companies seem to be seizing the moment and are getting ready for the future. Not too long ago a virtual piece of land in Decentraland’s Fashion District was sold for 2,4 million USD. And according to Market Insider the digital fashion business inside the metaverse is even estimated to be valued at 1 trillion USD per year. That’s a whole lot of zero’s.

But even before the metaverse we’ve seen a tremendous boost in digital fashion. Marketplaces like  Dress-X, XR Couture and The Dematerialised exclusively sell digital threads for your games, Insta-feeds, and now the metaverse.

Header image: UNXD

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