Face ID finally accepts your mask with this iOS update

iPhone Face ID with mask
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The iPhone’s Face ID wasn’t made for masks and a lot of users have noticed since the beginning of the pandemic. Of course Apple couldn’t have known we’d all be walking around with face masks and it looks like they’re trying to remedy the situation. Nope they haven’t found the solution for Covid-19. They did however launch the iOS 15.4 beta, which should take care of your mask related Face ID problems.

Rescan Face ID with mask

The new iOS beta was released for developers this week and features a new option to enable Face ID while wearing a mask. iPhone users get the option to rescan their faces for those occasions when half their fabulous faces are covered. Of course you might know that something like this was already possible for Apple Watch owners. But the new update offers iOS users more possibilities.

iPhone with Apple Watch

Unlock everything system wide

The Apple Watch way can only be used to unlock your phone, while the new Face ID option lets you unlock things system wide. That means it could help masked users with Apple Pay, different apps and even Safari’s AutoFill. There’s a bit of a catch though. If you want to set up your Face ID to work with masks, you will need an iPhone 12 or later.

So if you have an iPhone 11, unfortunately you either have to take the mask off or get an Apple Watch. If you do happen to have an iPhone 12 and want to give your selfie game a boost, this iPhone case has a ring light built right into it.

For now only developers can toy around with the iOS 15.4 beta. The rest of us will probably have to wait till somewhere this spring.

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