These boots weren’t made for walking, but that’s just what they’ll do

Ekto VR metaverse boots
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When you think about the Matrix (no, don’t think about that horrendous last movie), you know that the virtual world Neo and company are in feels exactly like the real world. The visuals are realistic and when you move, you actually feel like you’re moving. At the moment we’re pretty close to making virtual worlds look indistinguishable from the real world. However moving around still feels very gimmicky and is a sure sign you’re in some kind of game or other Metaverse world. Well that’s all about to change thanks to a pair of new boots by Ekto VR.

Ekto VR boots get you walking for real

The brand new Ekto VR boots are made to get you walking in the Metaverse, without actually bumping into stuff in reality or falling down the stairs. The cyperpunk looking footwear uses motorized wheels to keep you exactly where you are, while strutting your stuff virtually. The wheels make sure to go in the opposite direction as your feet and even adjust to your speed. And when your brain thinks you’re walking, it really does feel like you are. Of course for the people outside the Metaverse, it seems like you’re doing some kind of moonwalk.

Ekto VR metaverse boots
Strutting your stuff in the Metaverse / Image: Ekto VR

From bulky boots to stylish pumps

Although the boots are unique and would work in pretty much any science fiction movie, they’re unfortunately not much to look at. As you know we’re all about glamorous technology, but in a way the bulky footwear does add to your glam. In the Metaverse that is. At least now your virtual shassaying away feels a lot fiercer. The Ekto VR boots are also in the early stages of development, so functionality is a bit more important than looks (for now). Hopefully they’ll get to the styling part soon, but either way you can turn the boots into glamorous pumps or say your limited edition NFT sneakers when you’re doing your catwalk walk in the Metaverse.

Speaking of the Metaverse, you’ll obviously need some outfits to go with your naturally moving digital shoes now. I guess you’re in luck, since we’ll be witnessing the very first Metaverse Fashion Week in a few months.

Header image: Ekto VR


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