This micro-mist beauty gadget is backed by NASA

Droplette beauty gadget NASA technology
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If you love your skin you probably have a bunch of creams and serums to keep it hydrated and plump. But according to medical diagnostics developer Rathi Srinivas and therapeutics designer Madhavi Gavini over 90 percent of topicals just sit on top of your skin. They never actually get absorbed. That’s why they created Droplette: the beauty gadget that reaches the deeper layers of your skin.

Not your ordinary mist

What Droplette basically does is transform the active ingredients (the ones you want in your skin) into a micro-mist. The particles in the mist should be small enough to penetrate the skin barrier, which makes the treatment more effective. Now of course facial mists aren’t anything new. But according to Droplette’s makers the device is something fundamentally different. It creates particles that are even smaller than the ones in your usual hydrating mist.

Droplette beauty gadget mist
Image: Droplette

To create the micro-mist the beauty device uses a few different processes. First the fluid containing the beautifying ingredients goes through a mesh, which creates a mist. This mist still has rather large droplets though and doesn’t have the right fluid mechanics yet to penetrate the skin. That’s why a pump sucks in part of the mist and expels it with a high velocity. When the accelerated mist hits your skin, the droplets get about 30 to 50 times smaller and are ready to deliver their goodness. The airflow of the pump also slightly disrupts your skin to enhance the delivery of the mist molecules. The disruption should be temporary without any long-term damage to the skin.

Droplette beauty gadget
Image: Droplette

NASA beauty gadget

It might all seem a bit far fetched, but the device is actually backed by NASA. Originally Droplette was developed to deliver things like pain relievers and antibiotics into the skin as a painless and needle-free delivery solution. But then Gavani and Srinivas realized that the technology has applications in every realm of skincare.

Droplette price and subscriptions

So unfortunately you can’t use the creams you already have with Droplette. Instead the device uses different capsules containing collagen, retinol or glycolic acid. There are different subscriptions available for the capsules, targeting things like blemishes, sagging skin and wrinkles. A monthly deluxe subscription will cost you 79 USD, while a mini subscription comes with a 39 USD price tag. The Droplette device itself is obviously a bit more expensive and will set you back 299 USD.

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