DIY: this Ikea hack turns your desk into a sleek notification center

Ikea hack notification desk
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Ikea furniture is pretty popular around the world and it’s no wonder. It’s relatively cheap, looks pretty good and what’s more: it’s hackable. Over the years Ikea hacks have flooded the internet and we’re happy to spread the joy. Today we’ll we taking a look at a sleek looking notification desk, so you don’t have to keep checking your phone every minute.

Ikea & Arduino FTW

For the Hack Mike LaGrasta used an Ikea Galant Desk, a LED strip and his Arduino skills. The desk has an embedded server to receive notifications from your network and turns those notifications into colorful ambient lights. LaGrasta mentions that he used the Galant desk because of the frosted surface. The surface diffuses the lights so they don’t get too annoying while you’re working. So if you have another desk with a frosted surface the hack should work as well.

Four step Ikea hack

After you get the necessary parts it takes just four steps to your fresh notification desk. The first step is arranging the lights on a peg board or foam core and attaching it to the desk. Next the Arduino controller is connected and then it’s time for some programming. Luckily you can download the code so you don’t have to create any new wrinkles. After that it’s time to light everything up and check that you didn’t do anything wrong.

You can find detailed instructions on Instructables along with the necessary code. And if you feel like you need to do some more with your Arduino after you’re finished, why not use it to make this shimmering Arduino dress..

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