Meet Natalia: the virtual human that teaches skincare

Dermalogica Natalia virtual human
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When people think about digital characters that are practically indistinguishable from humans, they often get an uneasy feeling. That’s because the technology could be used for a lot of bad things. Just think about deepfakes being used to create fake news. But not all virtual humans are designed to do their master’s evil bidding. Dermalogica’s Natalia was specifically put on earth to help us in the battle against wrinkles.

Race- and ageless Natalia

Natalia was created by Dermalogica’s global education team to help teach the brand’s skincare professionals about its new Awaken peptide eye gel. The brown-eyed brunette seems friendly enough and was developed to not resemble any particular age or race.

Dermalogica Natalia virtual human
Dermalogica’s Natalia / Image: Dermalogica

Virtual vs. real humans

You might ask yourself why Dermalogica decided to go for a virtual human, instead of the real life thing. Tabby Zamani, head of global education at Dermalogica, explains that “before the advent of the extremely well informed Natalia, Dermalogica trained its network of staff using real-life case studies and before-and-after photos. The new technology acts as an additional visual tool to help enhance existing education practices.”

Another reason might be the endless hours a real human would have to put in to get the job done. Natalia is tasked with training 100,000 professionals worldwide through video’s and VR simulations. And because she’s a digital being she can demonstrate the aging process and the effect that the Awaken peptide eye gel has right in front of the viewers’ eyes. That seems a lot more effective than before-and-after images.

Dermalogica Awaken peptide eye gel

Dermalogica’s first virtual human will start her immersive classes somewhere this month. We’re very curious about the new product and are even a bit jealous Natalia won’t be teaching us about it. From what we’ve gathered the gel uses a mix of ingredients to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and puffiness and should leave you with smoother, more luminous skin.

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