This gadget makes your showers colder than ice cold and that’s a good thing

CryoShower cold therapy
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We’re guessing most people enjoy a nice hot shower, but it might be a good idea to go for a cold one every now and then. Athletes in particular are known to use cold therapy after trainings. It’s supposed to offer several health and beauty benefits, but it can be a bit of a hassle. The CryoShower however makes it as easy as pie and makes it possible to willingly freeze yourself in the “comfort” of your own bathroom.

Benefits of cold therapy

Cold therapy is said to do a number of beneficial things for you body, including provide a shorter recovery time, improve performance, boost natural health, improve cardiovascular circulation, strengthen mental agility and even support weight loss. And when you’re body is feeling fit and healthy it usually also reflects on the condition of your skin.

CryoShower cryo therapy
Image: CryoShower

Icy bath or shower

So what is the added value of the CryoShower and why couldn’t you turn on the cold tap? Glad you asked, the gadget actually drops the temperature of the water below what you could achieve by simply taking a cold shower. It connects to your normal shower with quick-clip connectors and then starts making a batch of icy cold water. If you’re more of a bath person, there’s also a Plus version. The plus model simulates an ice bath by chilling and recirculating cold water in your tub.

CryoShower cold therapyff
Image: CryoShower

And because everything has an app nowadays, you can opt to control the device with your smartphone. The app can also be used to monitor and track your recovery data.

At the moment the CryoShower is still in its Kickstarter phase with about two days left to go. It will cost you about 838 USD if you go for the standard model and the Pro version comes with a price tag of 1.292 USD. As usual be careful when it comes to crowdfunding projects. With two days to go the project unfortunately has not met its investment goal yet.

Another interesting twist on the ritual of showering comes to us from Sieger Design. They created the Horizontal shower, so you combine napping and shower time.

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