Chanel launches virtual lipstick

Chanel lipscanner app virtual makeup
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Luxury powerhouse Chanel has just launched its very first lipstick try-on app. The app leverages artificial intelligence to help you try on different Chanel shades as the real life equivalent is impossible at the moment.

Over 400 Chanel shades

The colorful new app is simply called Lipscanner, but it does more than just scan your lips. The try-on application also allows beauty lovers to scan shades from their surroundings. Maybe you’re looking for a lipstick to match your dress or bag or you might want something you’ve seen in a magazine. Just scan the shade and the app pulls the lipstick colors closest to it from a library of over 400 references.

Chanel lipstick scanner
Image: Chanel

Try and buy

After you’ve found your shade you can virtually try it on and discover if it’s the best thing ever or just totally wrong for your complexion. Not sure? You can also save or share photos of your makeover and ask a friend. And after the shade is approved the app allows users to buy the winning lipstick right away. And while you’re at it you can also try out some eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Chanel virtual lipstick app
Image: Chanel

Since the start of the pandemic virtual try-on apps have gotten a lot more popular. We’ve also seen different smart makeup devices pop up, such as Opte’s wand. The device scans your skin in realtime and then applies makeup only there where you need it for flawless and natural looking skin.

Source: Chanel / Premium Beauty News
Header image: Chanel

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