Bugatti joins the wearables scene with luxury smartwatch

Bugatti smartwatch Ceramique Edition One
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After Montblanc, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors, Bugatti has also entered the luxury smartwatch market. The French car company recently announced its very first Ceramique Edition One smartwatch. And yes it looks as fabulous as it sounds.

Like car, like smartwatch

According to Bugatti the smartwatch mirrors the “unrivaled precision, artistry, and technology synonymous with Bugatti hyper sports cars crafted in Molsheim”. To make the watch the company teamed up with VIITA Watches to ensure the highest quality. I have to say it does look like a piece of engineering complexity, with more than 1,000 individual parts all integrated together by hand.

Bugatti smartwatch
Image: Bugatti / La Noire, Pur Sport, Divo

While there is one smartwatch, Bugatti has created three different bezels to switch things up a bit. There’s the athletic looking Pur Sport, the sleek La Noire, and Divo that actually looks like it could take your diving trips to the next level. Bugatti lovers might recognize the names. They’re the same names as three of Bugatti’s iconic hyper cars. The bezels and case of each smartwatch is sculpted and milled from scratch-resistant ceramic on a CNC-machine. Case and bezel are then polished, brushed and refined with laser technology.

Bugatti Ceramique Edition One specs

As for the specifications, you’ll find some of your usual tracking options. To deliver the perfect heart rate reading, the watch is outfitted with two sensors. You’ll also find things like step recording, calorie counting, sleep tracking and notifications. A few interesting features are the water loss tracker that helps you stay hydrated, the bioage option and the possibility to view your regeneration status, so you can adapt your activities accordingly. Battery wise you should be able to count on the wearable for about two weeks and if you go diving you should stop at 100 meters.

Surprisingly enough Bugatti’s smartwatch is a Kickstarter project with 24 more days to go. You can get the wearable for 899 euros, which is about 1100 USD. When buying the watch you get to choose one of the bezels, but then the package contains an additional bezel and two watch straps: a silicon and titanium strap. So far the luxury car company has managed to get almost 700 percent of its funding goal.

Header image: Bugatti

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