Bose is back with more stylish versions of its speaker sunglasses

Bose Frames Soprano speaker sunglasses
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Back in 2018 Bose surprised the world with speaker sunglasses named Frames. This year the the audio company is back with three new sets of shades to play your favorite tunes. The sunglasses have gotten a style boost and there’s even a sporty version to enjoy during workouts. Let’s take a look at the Frames Tenor, Soprano and Tempo.

Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano

The Frames Tenor and Soprano are the more fashion forward shades of the bunch and sport the “tiniest, thinnest and most invisible Bose speakers ever”, according to the company. And although the shades do look rather sleek, you can definitely still tell something’s going on in the arms. That’s if you’re spotted with them in profile. From the front they mostly look like regular sunglasses.

Bose Frames Tenor sunglasses
Frames Tenor / Image: Bose

Both the Tenor and Soprano are outfitted with 16 mm drivers. According to Bose the bass response should be noticeably better compared to the original Frames. The sunglasses are shatter- and scratch-resistant and come with an IPX2 rating. And while the black lenses look rather nice, you could also opt for Mirror Blue or Silver if you go for the Tenor. The Soprano seems to have a softer character with Rose Gold and Purple Fade color options. Adding to the character is the cat-eye design of the Soprano, while the Tenor has a boxier exterior.

Bose Frames  Soprano audio shades
Frames Soprano / Image: Bose

Work up a sweat with Tempo

If you want to use audio sunglasses while running, cycling and hiking, the Frames Tempo should be ideal. The shades have been designed to work their magic during your more active hours and produce ” the highest fidelity” of the lineup. Each arm contains a 22 mm driver and according to Bose that means you’ll have no trouble hearing your music when biking at 25 mph. And don’t worry if you get a bit sweaty. The IP rating of the Tempo has been bumped up to IPX4 to take care of that.

Because you’ll probably be using the Tempo outside, the shades are available with different lenses to defy the elements. The Train Blue option gives you medium- to low-light lenses to sharpen details in uneven terrains and reduce bright lights. If you prefer breaking a sweat on the road the Road Orange lenses should do the trick. These lenses help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by glare and bright lights on the open road. The third option is Twilight Yellow. These low-light lenses enhance visibility in dark or foggy environments and should be ideal for your early morning runs.

Bose Frames Tempo speaker shades
Image: Bose

Sunglasses with better sound(!?)

According to Bose the sound quality of all three new Frames is better compared to their predecessors. They also come with an improved mic system for the occasional voice call. The previous single mic has been replaced with a dual-beam-forming array, which should shield what you’re saying from wind, noise, and other nearby conversations.

For some people sunglasses with speakers might seem superfluous, but if you don’t like earphones the shades could be the solution. Overall the previous batch has gotten a good deal of positive reactions, so Bose might be on to something. All three sunglasses are available on the official Bose website for 249.95 USD.

In any case it does seem to be a trend to fit speakers into all kinds of devices and furniture. This air purifier for example is also outfitted with speakers and doubles as an inconspicuous painting on the wall.

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