Bauhütte launches luxury Hand Massager for aching gamers

Bauhütte Hand Massager for gamers
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If you’re an avid gamer you’ve probably felt your hands cramping up after an intense session of your go to game. Be it Fallout, Call of Duty or MarioKart, we tend to hold on for dear life to our controller or computer mouse. You obviously know that’s going to cause problems down the road, but not to worry. Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhütte has a gadget that massages your hand after you own your opponents.

Hand massager en finger stretcher

Bauhütte MSG-01H-BK, or simply Hand Massager, should help you relax your sore hands and improve the circulation. It’s basically a rounded box you can put your hand in for some much needed pampering. The two modes take care of either your entire hand or just your cramping fingers. And each mode comes with three intensity levels, so you can choose exactly what fits your needs.

Should you opt for a whole hand massage, the device deploys some Shiatsu to get the job done. Another mode kneads and stretches your fingers, which should feel like another person’s touch on your fingers and palms. The 15 heated air cushions replicate the sensation of getting an actual massage. Of course you might not always be in the mood for a massage. In that case you could also go for the hand warmer mode to loosen up your stiff fingers.

Bauhütte Hand Massager
Massage those stiff fingers / Image: Bauhütte

Not just for gamers

Obviously it’s not only gamers that walk around with aching hands. With all the “working from home” we’ve been doing it’s not a bad idea to add a hand massager to your home office setup. Bauhütte recommends using the device before you get busy, during breaks and any time your hands need a quick rest.

AliExpress hand massager
AliExpress alternative hand massager / Image: AliExpress

Only for Japanese hands

For now the Baühutte Hand Massager only seems to be available in Japan for 150 USD. Hopefully the gadget will make its way to other countries. In the meantime there are some alternatives you could get on Amazon or even AliExpress.

Header image: Baühutte

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