Balenciaga’s Glam Earpods Holder keeps your AirPods shining bright (like a rhinestone)

Balenciaga AirPods case Glam Earpods Holder
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Ever since their introduction in 2016 Apple’s AirPods are still among the most popular earbuds on the market. If you’re among the many that enjoy their Pods and want to add some more glam to them, Balenciaga has just the thing. The Spanish Luxury label recently launched its Glam EarPods Holder. Get ready to sparkle.

AirPods in brass and rhinestones

Balenciaga’s AirPods holder is made from aged silver brass and is dripping in white rhinestones. And luckily they’re aware of the fact that like socks, cases also seem to disappear to some magical place when you’re not looking. Accompanying the AirPods holder is a removable chain with hooks. So if you’re uncomfortable keeping it in your pocket, just use it as a mini handbag. Though that might draw attention from grabby hands, so choose your battles wisely. In any case, the sparkling accessory is finished off with an engraved Balenciaga branding and snaps together to keep your AirPods snuggly inside.

Balenciaga phone ring holder
Image: Balenciaga

Sparkly Balenciaga ring holder

If you’re really into sparkling rhinestones, Balenciaga also launched an equally shiny ring holder for your phone. It’s made from the same silver brass and white rhinestones and also features the Balenciaga engraving. Both pieces are available through the official website, but as you’d expect they don’t come cheap. The Glam EarPods Holder will set you back 1,290 USD, while you can secure the ring holder for 475 USD.

Of course over a thousand dollars is quite a lot to spend on an accessory for your earphones. If you’re not having it, AliExpress also has a bunch of glamorous cases to store your AirPods in.

Source: Balenciaga
Header image: Balenciaga

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