How to get your hands on Atari & RTFKT’s one-of-a-kind shiny NFT sneaker

Atari X RTFKT NFT sneaker
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If you haven’t noticed: the Metaverse is hot and happening. And what do you need if you want to look fabulous in the virtual world? That’s right NFT’s. If you’re a sneaker person and on the lookout for a unique new pair, Atari and virtual sneaker brand RTFKT have got you covered. The pair just launched one-of-a-kind sneakers to complement your digital outfit.

Dynamic screen with animations

The Atari sneaker is an extremely limited edition item, as there’s just one in existence. The NFT is described as an homage to the Atari legacy, Akira, and its maker’s love for video games. It’s not just a static item though, as the sneaker features a dynamic OLED-screen, displaying live Atari games and NFT animations.

The OLED-display is a nice touch, but even without it the sneaker is definitely something you’d want to be seen in. Imagine yourself walking around in the Metaverse on cyberglass soles and shoes that shimmer in the dark. The sneaker actually looks like a purple version of an Atari console and should excite everyone that actually had the console back in the day.

Atari X RTFKT NFT sneaker
Atari NFT sneaker / Image: Atari, RTFKT

Atari NFT sneaker auction

If you want the Atari X RTFKT sneaker, you’ll have to head over to SuperRare, a platform that paires collectibles and one-of-a-kind art with blockchain tokens. It’s up for auction, so you’ll have to compete to be the proud owner of the NFT. But if you’re not sure it complements your personality and fashion sense, you can also first try it on using the MetaverseMe app or Snapchat.

Atari X RTFKT NFT sneaker
One-of-a-kind sneaker / Image: Atari, RTFKT

The NFT is of course a crypto collectible, but as we mentioned it’s also a virtual fashion item. The frist person to buy the sneaker can redeem a wearable NFT on Sandbox and Decentraland. And Decentraland is a big part of what’s happening in the Metaverse at the moment. In March the virtual world will even host the very first Metaverse Fashion Week.

Header image: Atari, RTFKT

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