This handsfree hair dryer finally let’s you multitask

ASSIST handsfree hair dryer
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Some people can just wash their hair, do absolutely nothing to it afterwards and still end up with a gorgeous looking hairdo. If you’re like us however you definitely need to hair dryer or you’ll be walking around with frizzy hair that shall not be tamed. For everyone that’s tired of hair dryers that get heavy after a while and keep you from doing your makeup in the meantime, designer Hyangeon Park of DesignerDot has a brilliant new concept. A handsfree hair dryer that lets you multitask.

Handsfree hair dryer

The conceptual hair dryer is called ASSIST and it’s pretty clear why. The device is mounted on the wall to assist in making life a whole lot easier. Just turn your back to it and start your beauty routine or do your nails, while ASSIST takes care of your hair. Or finally get your hands free to wield your hairbrush and create amazing volume.

ASSIST handsfree hairdryer
handsfree hair dryer concept / Image: Hyangeon Park

Electro-mechanical tech for quick drying

The hair dryer is relatively compact and uses electro-mechanical technology to speed up the evaporation of water. Unfortunately we don’t know a whole lot else about the machine, other than that it looks quite stylish and would be a worthy addition to the bathroom. Of course we shouldn’t forget that it’s just a concept for now, but we do hope Park’s wildly efficiënt product-to-be will eventually make it into the real world.

ASSIST handsfree hair dryer
ASSIST hair dryer concept / Image: Hyangeon Park

In the meantime there’s another cool hair gadget to try out that already exists. L’Oreal’s Colorsonic is a no fuss no mess hair dyeing device that promises to give you salon quality locks.

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