You know your Apple AirTag needs some Hermès lovin’

Hermès Apple AirTag
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Last month Apple finally launched its highly anticipated alternative to Tile’s trackers. Coined AirTag, Apple’s version is a round coinlike tracker featuring the well known bitten apple and free personal engraving. But where Tile trackers come with a handy feature to attach them to say a keychain, AirTags have no such option. That absolutely doesn’t matter though, because what AirTags do have is specially made Hermès accessories to attach them to all the objects you fear losing.

Hermès key ring, bag charm and luggage tag

That’s right Hermès created three different AirTag “holders” to keep you from losing the trackers themselves. The mini collection consists of a Hermès key ring, bag charm and luggage tag. The key ring and bag charm are available in Fauve, Blue Indigo, and Orange, while Fauve is the only color option for the luggage tag.

But while it’s a brilliant thing that the accessories exist, no one will be too happy about the prices. The cheapest option is the bag charm for 299 USD. And if that might seem like a lot to just hold your AirTag, the key ring and luggage tag are 349 and 449 USD respectively. Though on the other hand, it IS Hermès…

If you’re wondering, this isn’t the first time Apple and Hermès have collaborated. Back in 2010 the French luxury brand designed a leather iPad case for the first generation iPad and they followed up with a Apple Watch Hermès series 4 in 2019.

Security issues

But before you get all too excited and start your shopping spree, we should mention that the AirTag’s do seem to be rather hackable. At the beginning of the week word got out that the tags got hacked and two days ago hackers stuck again. The German security firm Positive Security stated that through the hack it’s possible to send information to other devices than your own smartphone. In contrast to the earlier hack, the new one doesn’t require any hardware modifications. We’re sure Apple is working on the issue, but just know that the tags might not be 100 percent secure at the moment.

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