This wireless charging wallet by Anina Net is the last one you’ll ever need

Anina Net wireless charging wallet
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When the smartphone made its debut into the world, it was accompanied by a resilient problem that still persists even today: the constant threat of running out of power. Fortunately the powerbank also appeared at some point. But to be honest, do you really want to walk around with yet another gadget? It’s not like purses have infinite space. Enter Anina Net’s wireless charging wallet. This all-in-one solution is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around more than the absolute essentials.

For the minimalist woman

Anina Net created the special wallet for “women who do a lot of things in a day and always have their phones at 1% battery.” That one percent is very recognizable and something that somehow tends to sneak up on you. But from now on it could also be a thing of the past, as the Anina Net wallet is also a wireless charger in disguise. And as you usually have your wallet with you anyway, there’s no extra hassle. You could even use the wallet as a clutch if you really want to go minimalist.

As for ergonomics, the thing should fit comfortably in your hand so you can keep working even while charging. The wallet is outfitted with a 5100mAh battery and works with iOS as well as Android devices. And even If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, that’s not a problem. There’s a charging cable for older models

Different colors and materials

The Anina Net wallet comes in different colors and materials to soothe everyone’s tastes or fit different outfits. You could choose the “Marylene” wallet with its matte weave for example or go for the “Alexis” with its purble/blue mirror finish. Speaking of Alexis, Anina Net notes: “This purple blue refractive wallet changes color according to what you put it next to and the angle you look at it. Just like women who have many facets.” And fun fact: each wallet is actually named after a woman in tech that Anina Net admires. Can you guess who the Marylene and Alexis are named after?

Once you’ve realised you absolutely need this wallet, you can order it at for 189 USD. As a bonus offer you’ll also receive a free “Abundant Mindset” workbook with every purchase.

Tip: This clutch is actually a laptop

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