Amazon’s techy clothing store automatically delivers items to the fitting room

Amazon Style
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Where a lot of companies have been moving their activities online, Amazon just announced its very first physical apparal store. Coined Amazon Style the store is packed full of handy tech to help you find exactly what you need. Apart from clothes, you’ll also be able to shop for shoes and other fashion accessories.

Shopping in Amazon Style

In a promotional video the company proudly presents a store you might find in some kind of science fiction movie. All the clothing racks are outfitted with QR codes. When customers scan these, they get live stats about the available sizes, colors, product details and customer ratings.

That’s pretty handy, but it gets better. No more rummaging through clothing racks to find the right color or size, because customers can just tap a button to have selected items sent to a fitting room. And in true Amazon style, you get even more than you bargained for. An algorithm makes sure you get additional items it thinks you might like. When your fitting room is ready, the accompanying app sends a notification and you’re good to go.

Amazon Style shop
Shopping in Amazon Style / Image: Amazon

Summon more items

Inside the fitting room it’s easy to get additional items if they’re the wrong size or if you want to try a different color. Just select the items you want on the touchscreen and they’re automatically brought to you. If you’re happy with your clothes or shoes you can head over to the checkout counter. But if you want to give it some more thought, you can also save your items in the Amazon Shopping app and get them another time.

Amazon Style fitting room
Amazon Style fitting room / Image: Amazon

Try on online items

If you want to be even more efficient you can use the app at home to make a selection of clothes and accessories you want to try. Amazon makes sure they make it to the Amazon Style store for you to try on in person. And if you’re a fan of Amazon One, you can even use the palm of your hand to pay for your new wardrobe.

After you’re done shopping for yourself, you might consider getting some new threads for your digital persona. As the Metaverse keeps growing, more and more people are spending money on virtual clothes. If you don’t know where to start, check out these marketplaces to get your hands on gravity defying outfits for the Metaverse.

Header image: Amazon

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