Another thing AI does: create bespoke perfume

Algorithmic Perfumery system
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When it comes to perfumes it can be hard to find the fragrance that is just right for you. It often involves endless sniffing until you walk out of the perfumery dazed and confused. Well all that may soon come to an end with Scentronix’ Algorithmic Perfumery system that throws artificial intelligence into the mix.

AI perfume

The system uses different materials, such as aroma molecules and natural scents to create customized fragrances. Users first fill out a brief survey to map out their personal characteristics and preferences. The AI then gets to mixing and creates different variations for the customer to evaluate. So yes it still involves a bit of sniffing, but the starting fragrance should be much closer to what you actually want. Alterations can be made before the Algorithmic Perfumery system creates the final product. ScenTronix founder Frederik Duerinck explains:

“Algorithmic Perfumery uses technology to allow people to have a highly personalized and meaningful experience with their senses. What we offer is, at its most simple, a platform for people to co-create their own perfume. We hope that this interactive, playful experience will allow them to discover and enjoy new aspects of themselves, and a new outlet for their imagination.”

Algorithmic Perfumery AI fragrance
Image: Scentronix

Living Lab

Back in 2019 and 2020 Deurinck launched pop-up versions of the system at film festivals and fashion weeks. Unfortunately the pandemic has slowed down the roll out process, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens and when we can all try our hand at AI perfumes. At the moment there is a Living Lab in Breda the Netherlands where customers can see the system in action. That is when the current lockdown comes to an end.

Algorithmic Perfumery artificial intelligence
Image: Scentronix

I have to mention that this isn’t the first time AI is used to create custom fragrances. The Swiss based fragrance developer Givaudan Fragrances launched an artificial intelligence tool back in 2019 called Carto. The tool was however meant for perfumers rather than the consumer market.

Source: Springwise / Rewin
Header image: Scentronix

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