This cordless hair dryer leverages AI for your best hair anywhere

AER cordless smart hair dryer
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AER has clearly set out to blow us away this year and give us fabulous hair at the same time. The company has been teasing the world’s first cordless smart hair dryer and yes it looks like something we’re definitely adding to our wish list.

Biggest leap in hair dryer technology

The AER hair dryer looks sleek enough and comes in a white, green or black version with golden accents. But of course we’re more interested in what it can do for our hair and if we’re to believe the company, a lot. According to AER the dryer is the biggest leap in hair dryer technology since its invention more than 100 years ago. So what does it actually do?

AER smart cordless hair dryer
Image: AER

AER’s SmartDry AI tech dynamically controls the fan speed and heat output to prevent excessive heat damage to your hair and scalp. Eight dedicated heat sensors play their part in gradually reducing the temperature of the air as your hair gets drier. Now of course there’s also an accompanying app. This can be used to create SmartDry Profiles for different hair types, lengths and weather conditions.

AER smart cordless hairdryer
Image: AER

No more cord

And while the addition of AI is striking in a hair dryer, the first thing that stands out is the fact that the thing is cordless. That gives you a lot of freedom to use the device wherever you want. But if you’re really attached to a cord, there’s one you can use as well. And obviously the hair dryer lasts longer if you do use the cord, while the battery offers about 4 ours of drying time. To finish things off there are several attachments to get busy with, such as a diffuser and concentrator.

At the moment the AER smart hair dryer isn’t available yet, but you can join a waitlist to stay up to speed. It was a Kickstarter project before and managed to accumulate 279,641 USD from backers. Early review video’s seem very promising so we can’t wait to get our hands on the dryer.

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