5 handy Xiaomi gadgets you can get on AliExpress

5 handy Xiaomi gadgets on AliExpress
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If you know AliExpress, you know they have a ton of stuff to get lost in. Some good, some bad, and some downright peculiar. This week we tracked down 5 very handy Xiaomi gadgets you can get on the ever growing website.

Smart drawer lock

First up is the Yeelock by Xiaomi brand Mijia. What is it? Glad you asked. It’s a smart drawer lock to keep prying eyes away from your valuables. It’s also a great way to keep your baby away from sharp objects and medication. A great advantage of Yeelock is that it doesn’t require a physical key. So you don’t have to worry about hiding keys either. Instead you can use your phone to open your drawers. All you need is a Bluetooth connection. And if you do trust someone enough to let them rummage through your things, you can share a digital key to give them access.

Xiaomi Yeelock smart drawer lock
Yeelock smart drawer lock / image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

Compact vacuum with UV sterilization

Next up is a compact vacuum cleaner to take care of dust, bacteria and mites. With a suction power of 12,000 PA you should get the stuffiest surfaces squeaky clean. That’s not all the device does though. It also has a UV-C sterilisation feature, that should take care of 90 percent of the mites that might have accumulated in your bed or on your couch. Then the vacuum also deploys 50 ℃ hot air to finish the job.

AliExpress Xiaomi vacuum
UV-C vacuum / Image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

Automatic water dispenser

Water is essential to life and essential to you. But you don’t always have a tap nearby to replenish your body. No worries, AliExpress has just the thing. This automatic water dispenser by Xiaomi helps keep water close wherever you are. Just attach it to a bottle or pitcher and you have your personal tap.

AliExpress Xiaomi automatic water dispenser
Automatic water dispenser / Image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

Xiaomi steamer

If you love your clothes, you should know that not all items can be thrown into a washing machine. Although it’s a handy device it can also ruin your precious threads. That’s why drycleaners exist, but you can also check out Xiaomi’s compact steamer to do the job at home. It comes with a 160 ml tank and should be hot enough for action within 30 seconds. The device is also very useful if you want to clean your curtains or couch.

AliExpress Xiaomi steamer
Compact steamer / Image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

LED makeup mirror

Last on the list is a Xiaomi beauty mirror with LED lights, because you really can’t do your makeup properly if you can’t see anything. The mirror is outfitted with patented light guide technology to illuminate every inch of your glorious face. You get to choose from 3 brightness settings, so you’re set for day- as well as nighttime makeup.

AliExpress Xiaomi makeup mirror
LED makeup mirror / Image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

That’s it for the Xiaomi gadgets. Check back every week for more interesting AliExpress tech. In the meantime L’Oreal recently unveiled a handy gadget of its own. Its Colosonic device is a must-have if you want salon quality hair dyeing at home.

Header image: Xiaomi, AliExpress

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