5 gadgets to keep it cool this summer

YOSH smart fan
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Summer is almost upon us and that means sweaty days that bleed into the night. Or maybe not? These five gadgets might actually be a game changer and keep you cool as a glamorous sweat free cucumber.

Cool wrist equals cool body

First up on the list is the Embr Wave 1. What is it? A wristband that allows you to control your temperature. The band uses a thermoelectric pump to move heat away from your skin. Just press the button and start cooling down. As an added bonus the Embr Wave can also warm you up on a cold winter’s day.

Price: 229 USD (with 30 day home trial)

Air conditioning body pillow

One of the most annoying times to be too hot is when you’re trying to sleep. Luckily someone invented a chilling body pillow. Meet the Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning unit. The device is outfitted with fans and with the push of a button you can select your preferred air-flow level. Just cuddle it and head towards a cool slumber.

Kaiun Soyo cooling pillow
Image: Japan Trend Shop

Price: 380 USD

Under blanket fan

Another device that keeps you from overheating during the night is the BedJet. The device basically blows cool air under the covers to keep you feeling fresh. But of course it’s a bit more complicated than that. BedJet is accompanied by an app and features a biorhythm feature for personalised air conditioning. You can even use it as a subtle alarm clock thanks to the temperature wake-up trigger.

BedJet bed air conditioner
Image: BedJet

Price: 300 USD

Breezy neck fan

For outside cooling we’ve found the YOSH Smart Fan. It looks like headphones around your neck, but instead of music you get a cool summer day. The band is basically a 360° all-round neck fan that senses the surrounding temperature. The auto mode will take care of the appropriate amount of coolness all by itself, but there’s also a manual mode to adjust the speed of the fans.

YOSH smart fan gadgets
Image: YOSH

Price 60 USD

Vacuuming drinks robot

Last on the list of cooling gadgets is the Brewmboni vacuum robot. What does that have to do with cooling? Nothing at all, but the little robot has a nice trick up its sleeve. It can also bring you cold cans of beer (or whatever else you’re drinking) to keep you refreshed. Unfortunately the vacuum is still in prototype, but if you think you’re skilled enough you can build your own. Download the plans for the handy device on molsonbrewmboni.ca.

If you’re actually looking for something to keep you warm (then why did you read this article?) we’ve got something else for you. These smart gloves and socks keep you exactly as hot as you want to be.

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