5 gadgets that keep a very keen eye on your food

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There are quite a few obstacles when it comes to buying and handling food. It can be a daunting task to find out what’s actually in it. And how easy is it to forget certain groceries or overcook that prime piece of meat? These five gadgets are exactly what you need to make life just that much easier.

Smart cutting board

To track the nutritional values of your ingredients, you don’t have to squint your eyes to read packages or waste your time googling anymore. Nutrio is a smart cutting board that weighs your food and automatically tells you all you need to know about caloric content, mictronutrients and more. This works with fresh produce as well as packaged food. And to avoid cross contamination, it comes with interchangeable boards.

Price: 487 USD

Electronic food tester

If your body can’t handle certain foods or allergens, like gluten or peanuts, it can be very difficult to go out and eat. And even if you make your own meals, packages don’t always tell the truth. Nima was created especially for people with food allergies and “takes the first bite” to check if it’s safe. Just put a small piece of whatever you want to eat in the device and it scans the food. The gadget was designed by MIT graduates and can detect allergens at parts per million level. Yes that means it can detect even the smallest amounts of an allergen.

Salt-hating spoon

Next up on the list is a special spoon that checks how much salt you’re about to ingest. Just drop it in your soup and you’ll immediately get your salt reading. It measures from 0,3 to 2 percent salinity. According to Chef Jacob Burton from Stella Culinary you need 0,5 to 1 percent salt per weight to make your food delicious. But if the spoon goes over 1,3 percent you know it’s going to be too salty.

salinity spoon gadgets
Image: AliExpress

Price: 13.78 USD

Garbage scanning grocery help

This next gadget helps you out with your grocery list. Meet GeniCan, the garbage scanning device that keeps track of groceries. Just install it on your garbage bin and everytime you throw away something, it scans it and adds it to your grocery list. That way you’ll never run out of things anymore. The device scans barcodes, but if you’re throwing a way something like a banana peel, you can just speak to add items manually. GeniCan is also connected to Amazon, so you can tell it to automatically purchase whatever you throw away.

Price: 149.99 USD

Smart meat thermometer

When you have all your desired groceries and you know they’re safe and healthy, it’s time to start cooking. This smart meat thermometer can help out in that department. It’s outfitted with 2 sensors and a probe to monitor the internal temperature of your meat, as well as the ambient temperature. Just plug it in and the thing will tell you when you’re food is ready. It also estimates the cooking and resting time, so you know what you’re in for. And did we mention it’s wiress? So perfect for summer barbecues.

Meater smart thermometer
Image: Meater

Price: 99 USD

If you like the trend that the smart thermometer sets, you should definitely check out these five smart cooking devices that basically take care of dinner.

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