5 gadgets to help you lose those extra pounds

5 gadgets for weight loss
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If you’ve ever tried losing weight you probably know it’s not an easy thing to do. Between snacks, not enough time to workout and Netflix beckoning you to the couch, we could all use a bit of extra help. Good thing we live in an age that has gadgets for everything. Check out these 5 gadgets that just might get you back into shape.

1. Lumen metabolism monitor

An effective way to start shedding that extra weight is to boost your metabolism. But how do you know where your metabolism is at? Well that’s where the compact device Lumen comes in. It’s heralded as the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure your metabolism. The gadget uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine the CO2 concentration of your breath. For that to work you obviously have to breathe into the machine. What makes Lumen effective is that you get an insight on how your physical activity, nutrition and sleep affect your metabolism, so you know what to do to give it a boost.

Lumen metabolism checker gadget
Metabolism checker / Image: Lumen

2. Bello fat analyzer

Another gadget that could be extremely helpful in reaching your goals is Bello the belly fat analyzer. When it comes to belly fat, we’re not just talking about beauty ideals. Belly fat can actually be detrimental to your health. So it’s time to start monitoring it. Bello measures a few key things to keep you updated on how you’re doing. It measures the abdominal fat density within a certain depth, your visceral fat level and the amount of your abdominal subcutaneous fat compared to the average amount of the same gender. The scan only takes 3 seconds and the accompanying app even gives you rewards to keep you motivated.

Bello belly fat analyzer
Bello belly fat analyzer / Image: Olive Healthcare

3. Futuristic jump rope

Of course it’s not just enough to analyze and measure everything. You also need to get working out to melt that fat and boost your metabolism. A fun way to do that is with the Smart Rope. Yes it’s a jump rope, but a very techy one. It’s outfitted with LED-lights that light up at your eye level as you’re working out. The result is the number of skips “magically” floating in front of you with live increments. And if you’re serious about your workouts, you can use the accompanying Smart Gym app to keep track of your workout times, BMI and goals.

Smart Rope jumprope
Smart Rope / Image: Tangram

4. Get fit with Fitto

As the name would suggest Fitto is here to get to fit. The gadget is also a scanner of sorts and helps you manage and balance your muscle mass and quality. With the app at hand you can monitor your muscle mass and compare it to your total body fat percentage. Another thing the device does is determine the muscle quality of your legs, arms, and pretty much every part of your body. Unfortunately the gadget doesn’t seem to be for sale yet. Let’s hope it appears in shops soon to help us out.

Fitto muscle measuring gadget
Fitto device / Image: Tangram

5. Smart mirror workouts

Last on the list is a device simply called Mirror. It is in fact a mirror, but not your average one. This mirror is outfitted with a bunch of tech to get you moving. Its makers call it the ultimate home gym and we can see why. The device gives you access to on demand classes and even live classes to get that heart pumping. Apart from that you also get performance statistics to monitor if you’re nearing your goals. And the best thing? When it’s off, it’s still a mirror. That’s progress compared to all those workout devices that never fit under your bed.

Mirror workout device
Workout mirror / Image: Curiouser Products Inc

We feel like with these gadgets it almost can’t go wrong. The only downside is that most of them are quite expensive. If you’re looking for a less money draining way to lose weight, you should definitely check out these quarantine workouts that are totally free.

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