5 AliExpress gadgets that sneakily have a Buetooth speaker

5 weird AliExpess gadgets with a Bluetooth speaker
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Most people like listening to music and that’s why there should be a Bluetooth speaker in every possible product you could imagine. That’s what the makers of some AliExpress gadgets must have thought, because we found some interesting products with speakers in them. Check out these 5 AliExpress finds that aren’t opposed to playing your favorite tunes.

1. Musical sleep mask

We’ll kick the list off with a very musical sleep mask. When you think about it, it’s actually a very logical place to incorporate a Bluetooth speaker. Why not connect your meditation playlist while you try to fall asleep. Some people drift right off to the land of endless dreams with soothing nature sounds, like rain. So yes we approve of this Bluetooth speaker incorporation.

AliExpress sleep mask Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth sleep mask / Image: AliExpress

2. Nail lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Another gadget AliExpress decided to put a Bluetooth speaker in is this handy nail lamp to dry your nails. This also kind of makes sense, because who doesn’t want a little music while waiting for their nails to dry? The lamp uses UV light to get the job done and has a few different modes to play around with.

AliExpress nail lamp with Bluetooth speaker
nail lamp with music / Image: AliExpresso

3. Multifunctional table

Next up is a very multifunctional table to also play your music while you’re relaxing or maybe having a drink. It’s a pretty stylish looking table that actually does more than “just” play music. You can also use it as a wireless charger to make sure the music keeps on playing and playing and playing.

AliExpress multifunctional table Bluetooth speaker
Multifunctional table / Image: AliExpress

4. Stereo beanie

When you’re outside you also need your music, but what if you forget your headphones? Well as long as you have this bluetooth connected beanie with you, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Because yes this beanie also has an incorporated speaker to keep the beat going forever. And as an added bonus it keeps your head warm.

AliExpress beanie with Bluetooth speaker
Musical beanie / Image: AliExpress

5. Massage and music

Then we have this fabulous massage chair that definitely looks like it should be able to do more than just take care of your muscles. Well actually it does. You know there’s gonna be a Bluetooth speaker in this one. At least the images would suggest it does, but unfortunately the text is all in Chinese (can someone help out?). Another unfortunate thing is that the chair doesn’t have any reviews. So if you want to order it, beware.

AliExpress massage chair with Bluetooth speaker
Extra relaxing massage chair / Image: AliExpress

These are just some of the gadgets AliExpress has to offer. Also check out these 5 handy Xiaomi must-haves on the ever growing website.

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